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Alaskan Roasted

Coffee and Espresso

Atlasta Latte has been an adventure from the start and the best part of any adventure is the story behind it. Atlasta Latte is the product of love and love alone. We didn't start out as coffee professionals with some business plan, we are a husband and wife who love life and adventure! Throughout those adventures we have drank a lot of coffee! We soon realized that we share a deep passion for really good coffee. Not a bitter, burned or overly extracted shot of espresso or watered down gas station coffee... No. We believe that there's something special and almost magical about quality, perfectly roasted and expertly crafted coffee and espresso. So! As fate would have it, Atlasta Latte was born and the story and adventure continue to grow more everyday. Whether we are learning the ropes and expanding our barista skills, taking random trips to Alaska to meet roasters or filming Matt's ridiculous "Yukon Men" comedies/documentaries, we share it all. There are plenty of laughs, an occasional cry but always lots of love and adventure. We are just two best friends, married to each other and doing what we love and we would love for you to join us on our story.

Bringing the Artisan Roasted Coffee of Alaska to the world...


Owners Char and Matt Green

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Why Alaska?

Practice makes perfect..

Alaska has more coffee per capita than any other state (seriously). There are hundreds of coffee roasters, roadside shops and espresso stands all over Alaska. Alaskans know coffee and have perfected the roasting down to an art. Atlasta Latte uses only single source, organic beans that are expertly roasted by our artisan roaster in Anchorage Alaska. One sip of our coffee and we know that you will be a fan.

About Us

Atlasta Latte is a product of love. Love of great coffee, great adventure and the great 49th state, Alaska. Alaskans are simple people who live modest, respect nature and help their neighbors. We strive to bring the Alaskan spirit to each person and community we serve. Providing great coffee and espresso while trying to serve the greater good such as donating our used grounds to community gardens, supporting the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation and sea life centers or simply providing a hot coffee to all first responders. We believe the Alaskan spirit and great coffee can truly change the world.


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PO BOX 17094 Chattanooga TN 37415

Char: 423-558-6464

Matt: 423-888-4002

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